Professional tipper truck, grab hire, aggregates, and muck away services in Epping Forest

Residents of Epping Forest have been able to benefit from Skippy Groundworks Ltd since we started this business in 1990, taking advantage of having the top groundworks company in the South East practically on their doorstep.

preparing onsite for building project

What Skippy Groundworks Ltd can do for you

There is so much we can do for our Epping Forest customers. Here are some of our more popular services.

Groundworks in Epping Forest

Counted among the region’s foremost providers of groundwork solutions, Skippy Groundworks Ltd guarantees to deliver unbeatable service to our clients in and around Epping Forest. We know, better than anybody, of the importance of having suitable groundworks in place for any construction project. There’s no better way to ensure a smooth building job than to have a solid foundation laid down by experienced professionals.

cleaning the groundwork area

Footing services in Epping Forest

For the uninitiated, footings are lengths of reinforced concrete used to provide added support to a building site in areas where poor soil conditions prevent foundations from settling properly. These footings act as a brace to the foundations allowing them to bed in securely without risking collapse. As you can imagine, these are an important part of the groundwork process and should only ever be installed by professionals.

installing drainage system

Drainage services in Epping Forest

Any drainage system should be incorporated to a new build at the groundworks stage for maximum efficiency and support, and we can help with that. From ditches and pipe installations to large excavations for septic tanks, when it comes to drainage solutions, we’re the only company our Epping Forest customer need.

developing the foundation in groundwork

Foundation services in Epping Forest

An essential part of any groundwork service is the laying of foundations. Indeed, many customers have this in mind when they call us, with our other services acting as a kind of extra. We install solid, sturdy, and reliable foundations across Epping Forest, using poured concrete or concrete slabs, depending on the project at hand.

Demolition services in Waltham Cross

So you want to start a new building project, but there’s an old building on the site. What do you do? Well, you hire Skippy Groundworks Ltd to tear it down of course! As part of our end-to-end groundworks service, our workers also provide quality demolition solutions to every client, saving you the hassle of locating another company to do that part of the process.

Why choose Skippy Groundworks Ltd?

There are many reasons to choose us for your groundwork needs in Epping Forest. These are the most common ones, based on feedback from our existing customers.

Complete, end-to-end groundwork contractors

No other groundwork companies in the South East provide a service as extensive or exhaustive as the one you get from Skippy Groundworks Ltd. We deal with every aspect of groundwork installation, from clearing the site and helping with the design, right the way through to capping off the finished foundations.

Your local groundwork experts

We are based in Romford, from where our team of highly-trained and well-experienced groundwork specialists cover a 40-mile radius about the town. This includes most of Essex, Hertfordshire, and London, and takes in many towns and cities in the region, including our valued customers in Epping Forest, Havering, Brentwood, Waltham Cross, and beyond.

Get in touch

For all groundwork needs across Epping Forest, call Skippy Groundworks Ltd on 01708 755449 for your free, no-obligation quote.